img/Stressruhe/11-creeping.jpg (Creeping)Creeping

Are you creeping?
So you want to roam for
Haven go this way,
But it’s still far away

Are you waiting
You’re trying to find the answer
Answer to this quest,
Cannot find any rest

So far, I can tell you
Head on take this way, there is no time to stay

I was creeping
I was wheezing
Starving to get there
But shadows crossed my way

Moving strangers,
I got lost (in haze)
The darkness made me fear,
I never ever got there

I was marching, marching for the battle,
Facing my own fate, fast grip on my blade
Captured in a cage

Now I’m an old an old man, withered, may be wise
Sorry I was wrong, but I have paid the price

I was creeping...