Shooting GalleryShooting Gallery

Enter The Fairground Shooting Gallery
Distribute The Airguns All Around
Overpower The Owner And

Shoot Up Town And Spread Some Panic And
Hurry Around And Blow Up The Maniacs And
Rob The Bank And Impress The Beauties And
Climb Your Horse And Smile - And You Are The Star

Enter The Cruise Mobile And Prang It Down
Tell Much Bullshit In A Serious Sound
Live Your Life Like A Movie And

Stay On The Road Or Stay In A Bed And
Follow The Girls And Lay Them Flat And
Make Much Trouble And Make Much Noise And
Act Like A Superfreak - And You Are The Star

Your Life Is A Shooting Gallery
In The Circus Of The World
Your Life Is A Motörhead Melody
In The Bed Of A Girl